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Call For Submissions: The Third Edition Of The Chinua Achebe Essay/Poetry Anthology—Submit

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Call for Anthology Essays: JAT members only.

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Last year's anthology of translator perspectives was a great success. Again, thanks to the many people who shared their thoughts.

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A literary criticism anthology is a collection of previously published essays and articles on a specific author or story usually written by many different authors and includes an editor or compiler who puts them all together for re-publication.

Every month, we’ll post a call for submissions for Literary Mama. We want to hear from you.

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Write, polish and submit to us! Profiles The Profiles Department seeks profiles of writers who are mothers, or writers who write about motherhood (who may. This anthology solicits interdisciplinary essays from scholars interested in analyzing disability in two arenas: positive representations of disability in science fiction (post-cyberpunk, in particular) and the possibility of a post-disability world (and how to.

Spark: A Creative Anthology Spark is a quarterly anthology accepting Poetry, Flash Fiction, Short Stories, and Creative Non-Fiction. .

Call for essays anthology
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