Good prompts for college essays

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Two years ago, applicants around the world became the first to experiment with a brand new college application platform.

SAT / ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips

Intended to be a full-service competitor to the Common App, the Coalition Application provided students with a fresh, new interface and, of course, a new set of essay prompts to grapple with.

It remains to be seen whether or not the Coalition App—whose participating. Dr. Allen Grove is an Alfred University English professor and a college admissions expert with 20 years of experience helping students transition to college.

Updated October 10, For the application cycle, the Common Application essay prompts remain unchanged from. Aug 02,  · Estela Laureano, at a Long Island Writing Project workshop, honing her college-essay writing skills.

Credit Credit Yana Paskova for The New York Times. Short Answer: ONE College Application Essay for The Common App The Common Application comes out officially August 1. But they already announced the changes for this coming season. The most important were changes to the five essay prompts.

(You can write your main Common App essay about one of the five.) Beside the [ ].

6 College Essay Topics

The 25 creative college essay prompts listed above should give you a starting point to write your own personal statement. The personal statement is used by most colleges to help them evaluate the type of person you are, which can help differentiate yourself from other applicants who have similar academic backgrounds to yours.

By considering the. I have been teaching the art of good writing to students since and outside of class I help students create successful college and scholarship essays.

Good prompts for college essays
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Good Argumentative Essay Topics for College Students